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Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd.
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Welcome to Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd

Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd. is an independently owned upstream oil and gas exploration and production company operating in Alberta, Canada and Austin, Newcastle, USA.

Tobinsnet primary businesses specialize in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of conventional oil and gas properties with a blend of low-risk producing oil and gas properties that are undervalued, neglected or distressed with proven reserves and upside opportunities that can be improved through operational enhancements or re-completion.

Tobinsnet Operating strives to expand its asset and production base with growth created through primary and secondary recovery projects while working closely with working interest partners, mineral owners and landowners alike.

Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd (USA) acquired 100% of Maha Energy (US) Inc LAK Assets in Wyoming on March 23, 2023.

Prior to Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd acquisition, Maha had drilled eight deviated production wells and six water injector wells on the Field since the acquisition in 2013. 


Two stratigraphic vertical wells have also been drilled. One was extensively cored and deepened to prospect for oil in the deeper Minnelusa sandstone.

Extensive fieldwork and laboratory work have confirmed the results obtained in 2007 by Ivanhoe Energy (previous Operator), and a Recovery Factor of 20% has been assigned to the Field by independent experts engaged by Maha. RPS Knowledge Reservoir calculated a best-case estimate of original oil in place (OOIP) to be 62 million barrels. To date, less than 150,000 barrels of oil have been produced from the LAK Field.


Canden was incorporated in 1973 in the province of Alberta, Canada as Oil & Gas Company that Tobinsnet Oil and Gas Ltd acquired on April 16, 2018. The Company currently owns oil and gas wells that produce crude light oil and natural gas in Bow Island, Chigwell, Gadsby/Stettler, Ghost Pine, Marten Mtn, Gift Lake and Leduc Areas of Alberta. Canden Resources Ltd is an independent company with no affiliation with Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd.   

Dejour Energy (USA) Corp. is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production services company registered in the State of Nevada on Thursday, March 18, 1999, with operations in Colorado and Utah. 

Dejour Energy (USA) Corp has no affiliations with Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd.



Our goal is to do business in an economically, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manner while delivering superior long-term value. We create value through safe and efficient operations, innovative solutions and technology.


Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd focused on creating value for shareholders through our existing lines of business as well as acquiring additional oil and gas properties.  Read more

    About Us

    Tobinsnet Oil & Gas Ltd focused on creating value for shareholders through our existing lines of business as well as acquiring additional oil and gas properties. Based on extensive due diligence which indicate that significant upside reserve potential exists for stable cash flows and growth, the Company focused on growing its strong portfolio of diverse resource which plays on producing natural gas liquids, oil and natural gas. READ MORE

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    5900 Balcones Drive STE 100
    Austin, Texas, 78731,

    Branch Office:
    1712 Pioneer Ave Ste. 500
    Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001,
    Tel: +1-307-746-6138
    Fax: +1-403-264-3410

    32 Tubbtown Road
    Newcastle, Wyoming 82701,
    Tel: +1-307-941-0589 (Direct)

    Canada Office: 
    100- 111 5th Ave SW, Suite 410
    Calgary, AB T2P 3Y6


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